October Co-athletes of the month

I would like to give both Brady Myers and John Harvey the award of A.O.M for working their tails off all month and becoming our first “Firebreathers” to receive this award. Brady started CrossFit 3 months ago and was a little skeptical on how he could get in any better shape than he was. Like most I told him to just show up and forget everything he has ever learned before. Brady started with about 3 full pull ups and now hes up to 10+ and is the leanest fit, fighting machine shape he has ever been in before.

“Harvey” aka Big John aka Lil John has lost over 35#s in 6 months. As a former NCAA div I football player and natural athlete John started gaining weight once football was over and was bored of the same old GLOBO GYM. Just as unsure as Brady, John started slow and has been one of the most consistent students yet. Dialing his diet in and cutting booze out for 31 days John looks like a new man, seriously we had to change his nickname from Big to Little.

Keep it up boys and know that wherever you end up CrossFit will always make you better. Mentally and physically you are stronger because of it.

Respectfully Coach
brady harvey