Jackie Finals Heats & Cash Prizes!

Two days before “Jackie” Finals! Here are the heats cash prizes and times to beat. Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes before your heat time to get warmed up and ready. You are in charge of your own warm up and pre-challenge prep. Please invite family and friends to see you compete and help cheer you and the other athletes on. Everyone has been working hard so the competition will be intense! 


$70 Goes to the FASTEST TIMES in each category (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) each for both Men and Women

$80 Goes MOST IMPROVED overall each for Men and Women

For those of you who want to come an do “Jackie” that did not participate in the challenge we will run more heats after the competitors have gone  so plan to be here at no later than 10am so that you can see some heats of “Jackie” before you go.  Otherwise feel free to come any time between 8-11am and support and cheer on your fellow athletes.  You’ll also see what a CrossFit Scottsdale Challenge is like for next time. 


“Jackie Challenge Heats  
1 8am 2 8:20am
Luke(A) 7:06 Vinnie(I) 9:35
Najla(I) 8:44 Don(I) 9:01
Tiffany(A) 10:40 Mark V.(I) 9:20
David(B) 10:14 Chris T.(I) 9:40
3 8:40am 4 9:00am
Katie H.(I) 16:10 Dani(B) 9:16
Sean W.(A) 10:29 Lolita(B) 8:50
Jeff Z.(I) 14:39 Keri A.(B) 9:44
Skip(A) 12:09 Scott W.(B) 8:49
5 9:20am 6 9:30am
Barry(A) 8:32 Nick M.(I) 9:44
Jon K.(A) 6:53 Peter(I) 10:43
Brian K.(I) 7:33 Jayson(I) 9:36
Brian G.(A) 7:03    
7 9:50am 8 10:10am
Krista(B) 10:15 Brady(A) 10:29
Marguerite(I) 11:14 Evan(A) 9:52
Sara H.(I) 11:09 Kevin(A) 9:45
Angie(I) 10:40 John H.(I) 9:16