Ya its HARD!

“No, it doesn’t ever get easier. You wouldn’t want it to either.” ~ Greg Glassman

People always say “CrossFit is HARD”, “Eating healthy is HARD”, “Preparing and packing my food is HARD”. Well guess what… they are right! It is HARD. That’s the beauty of it. During almost every WOD I have to continually talk myself through it because my first instinct is to stop and quit. That would certainly be easier. But then I remember how good I will feel afterward and I get through it. If intense training and eating healthy was easy then everyone would do it. Easy is average and average is overweight, on the couch or in front of the computer 95% of the time. Easy and average is a recipe for chronic disease because what is “easy” most of the time is unhealthy. It is those of us that expect more and strive to be more than average that can reap the rewards of accomplishing something HARD. What is the reward of doing something that requires no effort at all? Do you even remember that you did it? Compare that to the reward of a sub 3 minute FRAN or a spot on the Leader Board. How about the reward of wearing a bikini or buying clothes in a size you haven’t been in since High School? What about the reward of never having to take prescription medication? If these are the rewards of what is HARD then count me in. I know if I show up and don’t quit I will reap the rewards of CrossFit. Why would you ever want it to get easy?



Coach Tiffany