Hurt Vs Injured

If you can still play your not injured your hurt, my freshman Football Coach,Coach Skinner use to tell us. My son in the photo below is hurt not injured. If your muscles are soar and your gluteus┬ámaximus feels like its beenthrough a meat grinder your neither, your soar. Know the difference. It will keep you from getting injured. Every day I wake up on pins and needles from my plantar fasciitis, my hip from the plantar and now my groin from something. It’s all part of training, living and growing up and older. Take care of it using common modalities. Ice, Epsom salt, sleep and food. If something feels like it’s persistent pain write down the date, what it feels like how bad it feels and take note of it. Otherwise put some┬ádirt on it and get back to work.

kanon hurt toe