CrossFit Kids

Yesterday I was the guest speaker of a masters degree summer physical education class at ASU. The topic of discussion was CrossFit and kids. The question or should I say the thesis was that CrossFit teaches all students of all ages functional movement, performed with high intensity and that are constantly varied. FMxHIxCV=CF. How about this… Force x Distance/ Time = Power = Results. Pretty boring stuff I know. That’s why I took a model. One of my CF Kids “Firebreathers” ya this kid can spit it with the big boys. Zach my 8 year old stud helped me teach exercises to adults. He was amazing! Performing all of the demos correctly, introducing himself and giving a brief biography and even telling a joke. Zach thank you for your help and for learning at such a young age the importance of exercise, nutrition and overall good, fun, health.
ASU photo
50 jump rope
10 overhead squats
10 sit ups
10 med ball press
10 push up burpees