"Wicked" elite performance

Coach Tiffany is returning from Boston after spending the weekend at  Robb Wolf’s CrossFit Nutrition
seminar!  For those of you who enjoyed the 1st Enter the Zone class last Saturday. Please bring your success journals all this week and write down everything your eating.

Robb Wolf is the resident CrossFit Nutrition expert. His background is
in research biochemistry, studied under Prof. Loren Cordain
Ph D (author of The Paleo diet and The Paleo Diet For Athletes), and
co-founded the 4th CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit NorCal. Tiffany will be expanding her knowledge of the
Zone/Paleo Diets as well as intermittent Fasting. She will be bringing
back with her practical applications of these and the art and science
that is performance nutrition.  Be prepared to get serious, get off the “crack” and hit your new levels of fitness.