So last night a friend invited me to his gym for a game of racquetball. Not knowing where, or how big his gym was I said yes. So we headed off. When we pulled up I thought we were at an airport. When we walked in I thought we were at the mall. OMG! This was not a gym, but a city. I can honestly say I was nervous standing at the front desk waiting to enter. I have been in the industry for 8+ years. From 150 sq/ft personal training studio to a 50 thousand sq/ft complete health and fitness center and I can honestly say I was intimidated by this place. So how does the average Joe or Jane feel? Someone who has never experienced creatures the size of V.W bugs walking around or woman that grace the covers of magazines. They must feel incredibly scared.

After we played racquetball for over an hour and played some hoops in between games, I was really starting to get good use of my $30 drop in fee. But as I looked around nobody was training hard. There were a few guys running on the treadmill, a couple doing crunches and one guy watching a game on T.V. But nobody was training hard.   


We are a 700 sq/ft Strength and Conditioning center called CrossFit Scottsdale and I will put anyone of my students up against any Globo gym member any day. I would even go as far as saying “I would join this Globo gym just to play sports and use the sauna and enjoy a 7$ protein shake” But I would never train there!