SSgt Jade A. McLeod, USAF

Today’s W.O.D is not dedicated to, but written for the toughest human I have ever met. From the time we met in 11th grade “When I saved him from getting jumped” to becoming our children’s Godfather. We have always had each others back.

 Jade has just returned from his 4th tour to Iraq. While serving his country his beautiful wife Amber serves all three of there boys. Connor 6, Kaden 5 and Kalani 1. Jade has had to endure both mental and physical endurance during his tenure with the Air Force and has had success with both of these through dedication and discipline following CrossFit and it’s intense method’s of training.

Thank you Jade for your Love, Pride, and Integrity.


10 burpees
20 jumping pull ups
as many rounds as possible in 10 min

10 push ups
20 sit ups
as many rounds as possible in 10  min

500 meter row
400 meter run
5 X

10 thruster
20 kb swing
as many rounds as possible in 10 min