October sunset

As I sit outside with my two children at the beginning of this fall month. I cant help but think of my own childhood and how much I have always loved October. The world series, Football, Halloween and of course my birthday. In a two season city like Scottsdale October separates us from the hot and the cold.

With my wife at a movie with a friend I decided to open all the windows and hang outside with the two under two year old’s I mentioned above and of course the family dog. “Ziggy” an 8 year old choclate standard poodle. Who since my son was able to crawl has become not mans best friend, but boys. Accepting his duty as companion, protector and of course pull up bar.

As the orange sun sets over the wall and all four of us sitting on one lounge chair I stop and smell the flowers hypothetically speaking. But I really think this is one of those moments I will remember for the rest of my life. “What a beautiful day” O.K O.K it wasn’t all roses today. There were ups and downs but at the end of it all. There was one moment of one minute that made everything I work hard at seem like a breeze. Work hard every day but don’t forget the little things we take for granted. So open up those windows put on a good album and just enjoy it all in.