Athlete of the month

“Congratulations Ellen on becoming October’s Athlete of the month.”


I have never been recognized for doing anything athletic so being Athlete of the Month at CrossFit was particularly surprising and exciting.  Being a massage therapist, it is important for me to be strong.  I tell my husband that exercise is not an option for me but part of my job.  I have tried several different exercise programs throughout the years but Cross Fit with Luke has been the most effective in the least amount of time.  After just a few weeks, I’ve already started to feel stronger and my endurance has gotten better as well.  My clothes are also starting to fit better (always a plus!).  I really like the small class size which makes it possible for Luke to keep after me about proper form, even when it’s difficult.  He is able to modify any workout to a person’s fitness level and makes you feel good about what you are able to do while working toward harder goals. The other students in class are also very encouraging and supportive which makes things a little nicer if not competitive.  I would highly recommend CrossFit to anyone serious about getting into or maintaining good fitness.